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A Belgian-inspired Ohio Tradition since 2007!

Our Founder, Jean-François Flechet returned from his native Belgium in 2007 with a 120# cast iron waffle maker. His goal was to bring the waffles he cherished as a child to his new home in Cincinnati, Ohio. After refining his recipe, waffle baking began in the back of a produce store at Cincinnati’s historic Findlay Market. The store was crowded with waffle-lovers for weeks and he was asked to find a new home. Taste of Belgium was born. Soon after, the first ToB Bistro opened with traditional (and not-so-traditional) Belgian cuisine serving breakfast, brunch and dinner with Cincinnati’s finest beer lineup.

In 2023, Jean-François was inducted as an honorary knight by the Knighthood of the Belgian Brewers’ Paddle for his efforts in promoting Belgian beer and culture in the United States. We pride ourselves in bringing a TASTE OF BELGIUM to the people of the great state of Ohio. You can still find our original stall at Findlay Market today.

We know you’ll these waffles as much as we do.